With the amount of micro-influencers and start-up brands that are getting into the world of online advertising, many people are realising the benefits that those entrepreneurs are receiving by selling a few of their own products off the internet. Furthermore, entrepreneurs are beginning to realise that you don’t need to invest so much money in Adwords budgets or offline campaigns to get their products noticed by potential customers.

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The power that big social media giants like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter hold, provides enough exposure and opportunities to allow sellers to get their audience view what they have on offer, and click on the product that they want to purchase. But with the amount of micro-influencers and start-up brands selling a plethora of merchandises across platforms, it’s a bit difficult to see what the majority of online consumers are looking for, and what they’re desiring.

With the accumulated research that we’ve gathered, here are 5 product types that can give you an idea, or a couple of ideas on what you can sell via social media.

Clothing – Back in the old days, users would normally find vintage clothes or clothing lines that sell at a low cost on sites like eBay and Amazon. Nowadays, users are searching for second-hand clothes on Facebook groups. Additionally, influencers are now making collaborations with cloth manufacturers to create their own fashion line to sell on sites like Instagram, where they would get a lot of attraction from users that like what they see in their lookbooks.

Household Objects – Brand stores will always make a lot of money from selling household objects at a high price, which is why many people are starting to look online to buy those products without the additional costs that stores would implement. Furthermore, sellers are coming up with their own designs that would draw potential clients away from the stores and onto the screen, which can be done on campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.

Beauty – You may have noticed that many social media users are taking inspirations from Rihanna and Kylie Jenner, who are creating their own make-up brands and selling them online and offline. If you have a good connection with a manufacturer that produces high quality cosmetics, you can make a couple of make-up lines, and showcase them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram where users will most likely share them and get your products noticed.

Electronics – Whether people are trying to find devices that could protect their bitcoin wallets, or their jackpot winnings on Easy Slots UK Casino a full casino games list, there will always be a market in cybersecurity related products. If you are security analyst yourself, or a have a small business that deals in cybersecurity, you can spread the word across Twitter about your them, or even about your other services, and get clients contacting you through your tweets to see what quote you would give them.

Drinks – There seems to be a lot of people developing their own drinks and showcasing them online recently. A lot of start-up businesses are also designing their own brands to attract a lot of millennials that are looking for the latest drink fad. Again, having a good collaboration with a drinks manufacturer where you just handle with the marketing aspects can get you far in profitable campaigns.

We know that there are more product-types out there which you can start thinking about investing in, but these 5 are the most profitable ones that we’ve seen on the market so far.

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