Think how interesting it would be to be able to play online poker from home computers in live online casinos but with human croupiers who keep the game going. This is not just one of the wishes of most virtual gamblers, but a very well tested and fun reality.

Gaming halls that allow players to find live games are called online live casinos. These casinos are the perfect copy of terrestrial casinos, providing players with the opportunity to play live on the tables. Special and special streaming cameras mounted above the gaming tables let you play live with croupiers and other players with your favourite games. Come with us to discover this fabulous opportunity, let’s discover online live casinos together.

How to recognize online live casinos?

Among the games of an online casino, you have to look for the option “Play live” or “Play live”. If you find these 2 options in the game room of a certain Italian online casino authorized by AAMS, then it means that you are playing in one of those gaming rooms that can be called live online casinos. Select the live game to start the game.

How is it possible to play on live gaming tables?

live slot machine

The online casino software is at the forefront. Through specially fixed webcams installed right above the gaming table, you can view the croupiers in live video. You will not be able to see the other players, just play together. The games take place in real time, as well as the bets, winnings and everything else. Your computer does not need a webcam, you can only see the croupier and the gaming table. In no case will the other participants and the croupiers see you.

What are the games of chance available live?

This depends on each casino. However it would be impossible to play live with video poker and slot machines, for example, it would not make sense. The games that are also available live are all table games, namely blackjack, and baccarat. In addition to these 2, there is also the game of roulette. Summarizing, the games also available live are roulette, blackjack, and baccarat.


The classic virtual game that has always fascinated players. The playing cards flow into the monitor and, to win, you have to compose the highest point. You’ll have to make a couple, three of a kind, a royal flush, colour and lots of other combinations to bring home the cash prize. Excellent all versions, especially those with more lines. A fantastic game that could not miss in the best online casinos certified by AAMS.


An absolutely perfect game, that of Roulette that for centuries now fascinates all gamblers. A cylinder and a green cloth, a croupier and a strong adrenaline rush. These are the characteristics of the game of Roulette. Assortment present in all online casinos authorized by AAMS, both in the American version and in the most classic European version.


online roulette machine

Who does not know the slot machines, on this page, will not find anything useful. Macchientte with unattainable charm, active for more than 100 years. So many versions available in legal online casinos, all the most fun. Bonuses, big winnings and a lot of adrenaline accompany the games with the slot machines. An online gambling monster, loved by all players.



Card or stay, this is the dilemma. In the game of blackjack sometimes it happens to have to take this kind of deviation. A very funny game, a source of inspiration for many Hollywood movies. You can find Blackjack in all the best legal online casinos.


The game mainly focused on luck and strategy. Similar to Blackjack but with fundamental variations. Baccarat is a card game that has always been loved, fast and fun. Many players, especially the great players, have won real fortunes with this game. Now it’s your turn to try and win.